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Sawyer needs a home - Bluefield, VA

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Breed: Mixed breed

Sex: Male

Age: 1-2 years approx

Size: Large

Color: Tan with white chest

Coat: Smooth

Other Dogs: OK with dogs

Cats: OK with cats

Notes: Sawyer is around 11 months old and 70 lbs. He loves to play with other dogs and does not mind cats. His leash manners are improving by the day. Sawyer need an owner who can be patient with him and help be more confident. He is a good boy and so sweet. My adoption fee covers for me to be neutered and rabies vaccinated.

This dog has been available for 49 days

If you are interested in Sawyer phone 276-988-5795 for an appointment or stop by to meet him at Tazewell County Animal Shelter, Bluefield, VA.

Dogs are claimed, adopted and rescued everyday so please contact us to check that this dog is available.

Click here to check this dog is still available (Facebook)

For animals that have not been spayed or neutered: adoptions are open to residents of Tazewell, Buchanan, Russell, Bland and Smyth County. If an animal is already spayed or neutered then it is available to be adopted by anyone (even out of state residents). Phone to check that the dog is available and what paperwork is required from you.

Make sure that you are able to take your dog home on the day you adopt it. We will not keep a dog for you after its "available" day.

  • Adoptions are on a first come, first served basis.
  • If you have other dogs, please bring them to meet the pet that you are interested in.
  • If you have children, please bring them to meet the pet that you are interested in.
  • Always discuss with all household members before adding a new pet into the home.

  • Requirements:
  • Residents of Tazewell County and adjacent counties (Buchanan, Russell, Bland and Smyth County) may adopt pets from Tazewell County Animal Shelter with proper identification required.
  • To adopt a dog you must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must provide a picture ID/driving licence with a current address at the time of the adoption.
  • If you rent, we do require permission from the landlord that you are able to have that particular pet.
  • Each pet is required to be vaccinated for rabies within seven days of adoption, if it is four months of age or older. Rabies vaccination is required for each pet, upon turning four months of age.
  • Every new owner of a pet adopted from Tazewell County Animal Shelter shall have the pet spayed/neutered within thirty days of the pet turning six months of age, or within thirty days if the pet is over six months of age.
  • Out of state adoptions must be spayed or neutered before leaving Virginia.
  • Return of the proper paperwork (sterilization and rabies certificates) is required within seven days of sterilization.
  • State law requires that all dogs and cats be vaccinated for rabies.

Disclaimer: Although every effort is made to ensure these details are accurate, the webmaster and Tazewell County Animal Shelter cannot be held responsible for any problems arising from the information displayed here.

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